Monday, December 15, 2008

Zoland Poetry Anthology

Submission Guidelines
Please submit no more than 10 pages of previously unpublished poetry per reading period.

Work may be submitted online:
or via mail to: Zoland Poetry / 384 Huron Ave / Cambridge, MA 02138

All submissions must include: Name, Address, Phone, & Email

  • Fax submissions are not accepted.
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, if noted in the cover letter.
  • Submissions will not be returned, though receipt of material will be confirmed,
    if a self-addressed, stamped postcard is provided.
  • All poets will be contacted by May 1, if their work has been accepted.

Submissions will be accepted for the fourth Zoland Poetry annual beginning in early summer 2008 through March 15, 2009. We are no longer reading for the third annual, which will be out March 2009.

Payment Schedule
Payment for poetry submissions is $25/page with a maximum of $200. Zoland purchases First World Rights, non-exclusive one-time anthology rights, and the right to publish a selection of the work on the website. Copyright remains with the author. All authors and translators will receive two copies of the book, along with payment, which is made just after publication of the annual volume. Authors are responsible for proofing their respective pages from galleys.

Translations will be considered only if a letter, signed by the author or his/her agent granting rights to the translated work, accompanies the submission. Translators should also include brief biographical information about the author and hard copy of the original language text. Upon acceptance of the translation, electronic copy of the original language text will be requested for the website.

General queries:

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