Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nurse Anthology - Beyond the Borders

Call for Stories from Nurses

Kaplan Publishing, the publisher of a broad range of educational and consumer books by and for healthcare providers, is now accepting stories for a new and exciting anthology, Beyond Borders: Nurses´ Stories about Working Abroad.

Kaplan wants nurses from all over the world to reveal what it´s like to practice nursing outside of their hometowns, in places like the United States, Jamaica, France, Indonesia and beyond.

Whether confronted with unfamiliar cultural norms, new medical language, or greater or fewer resources than you would experience at home, your story will open a window into the commonalties and cultural differences in how the art and science of nursing is practiced around the globe.

§ Tell your story. If you are a nurse´s aid, a nurse, or a nurse practitioner please share your unique experience of working somewhere other than your native country. If you have a story of working in a town that is culturally very different from your hometown, we hope you will share this story as well.
§ Tell us how your experience has shaped the person that you are today.
§ Make us laugh, make us cry; allow your words to open a broader world for your readers.
§ All stories must be true and you must you retain the copyright if previously published.
§ Story Length:1,000 - 2,500 words
§ Submit stories in Microsoft Word, 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced.
§ Each submission should include your name, address, phone number, and email address.
§ Tell a story that has a beginning, middle, and end.
§ Write from your heart about a life-changing or life-defining experience.
§ Multiple submissions are welcome.
§ All manuscripts selected for publication will be subject to editing.
§ Before final acceptance, you will receive an agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of publication.
§ Submission Deadline: May 29, 2009
§ Payment:$100 if published, along with two complimentary copies of the book

*By Email - Beyond Borders@live. com Please put your story title in the subject line. You can type the story into the body of the email, or send as an attachment.

*By Mail - Only a paper copy of the story - no disks or CDs please.
Kaplan Publishing - Beyond Borders
P.O. Box 51
Wever, IA 52658 USA
Due to the volume of submissions we cannot acknowledge receipt or provide status updates.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LifeBytes...Real Stories of Online Dating

We are accepting submissions for "LifeBytes...Real Stories of Online
Dating" (est. publication date spring 2010)

Who doesn't love sitting around with friends and family over coffee
or a cocktail sharing stories about life, work and love? LifeBytes is
interested in YOUR Online dating story. Make a cup of coffee or stir
up a cocktail and tell us your cyber dating adventures - the good,
the bad and the ugly! "LifeBytes...Real Stories" will be a
compilation of the true stories that singles love to share with one
another about the ups and downs of searching for Prince (or Princess)

We are looking for evocative stories that can be funny, poignant,
provocative, scary, weird, sexy, edgy or happy. We're looking for the
full range of experiences that make online dating such an adventure.
Writers whose work is chosen for publication will receive payment for
their story in the market range of $50-$100 (word count dependent).

Our initial deadline is June 15, 2009.

For complete submission guidelines please visit our website at:[

Also, stop by our blog at:[3] to put your digital feet
up and chat for a while.

And don't forget to join our Facebook group:[4]

Let us know who you are through your unique voice. We're looking
forward to meeting you.
Sharon Sommerhalter

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Audience with an Agent Contest 2009

It's the moment you've all be waiting for! THE announcement you've been hankering for. Yep, today is the day we announce the first MAJOR contest from Novel Matters.

Audience with an Agent Contest 2009!

Let's all take a deep breath, and steady ourselves. It doesn't get more exciting than this!

You could win an Audience with an Agent!

Who can enter? Novelists in North America.

How does it work? We will post full contest rules in the "Promotions" section of the blog so you can refer back to them whenever you need to - or print them out.

Who is the agent? None other than the amazing uber agent: Wendy Lawton of Books & Such Literary Agency.

There are two stages to the Audience with an Agent Contest:

Stage one: Submit as an attachment a sample chapter of your completed novel along with a one page synopsis to us at by July 31, 2009. (This means you will have until that time to finish your novel if it isn't yet complete, but it is important that your book be finished when you submit your chapter and synopsis. Details of what is expected in a sample chapter and synopsis is posted in the "Promotions" section of the blog).

Stage two: If your manuscript is chosen, it will land on the desk of Wendy Lawton in October, 2009. Wendy will read the sample chapter and synopsis. There will be a total of six manuscripts that will make it to this stage. At that point, it is possible that Wendy will contact one or more of six authors and ask to see a full manuscript. It is completely up to Wendy Lawton's discretion to seek out more information from a writer.

What? Only ONE Chapter?
Yes. Just one.
Latayne shared this story with us one evening: "Once I interviewed several prominent editors from Christian publishing houses for an article I was writing for Christian Retailing magazine, for an article entitled, "What Makes a Bestseller?" One very prominent editor told me of the importance of the first few lines of a manuscript. She said that if the writing didn't "grab" her on the first page -- or conversely, turned her off in those first few lines -- she didn't read further.
All the editors I talked to said that they read manuscripts, proposals, query letters etc. trying to find a reason to reject them. Now, they may not have said it so baldly, but that's what they meant. That's because everyone is inundated with writing. They simply don't have the time to keep reading through boring/illiterate/inappropriately-pitched materials to find something good later on.
When I conducted the interview with this editor, she told of hiring kids from her church youth group to come to her corporate office on Saturdays once a month. She would pay them and buy them pizza just to stuff manuscripts and proposals back into SASEs with form-letter rejection slips. She pictured mountains of materials that deserved a response -- but did not deserve to be published.
Now, that was a decade ago when major publishing houses were all still accepting manuscripts directly from authors; and in the early days of electronic submissions. But I would imagine the story is even more overt today: The ease of electronic submission has made it even easier for increasing numbers of people to send off their projects. Now, if a synopsis or first chapter doesn't compel an agent or editor to read further than the first computer monitor screenful, why would they?"

Some writers ask, "How can an agent or editor really know if they want my book based only on the first chapter and a synopsis?"

The answer is that while you probably won't be offered a contract from a first reading, there is more than enough information in the first chapter and synopsis to let an agent or editor know she wants more. It shows you've got the chops for writing. And it leads to the next step.

Get your submissions ready to send in. We look forward to hearing from you.

Saturday, April 18, 2009



For Chimeraworld #6, I want stories depicting THE WORLD AFTER THE COMING REVOLUTION, as mankind returns to a life stripped of Capitalism and Mass Media Propaganda. Is this a worse or a better world, without the Google-fuelled glare of the bankers dictating every move you make? I want insane stories about a travelling life, a journey through real freedom. I want uncensored stories about chaos, uncertainty and anarchy. I want enlightening stories about how the world deals with no money, no banks and no business loans.

I want your story of how yourself and your family get by once everything you know about Modern Society has been eradicated, when the Global Elite's power grab has been exposed and has failed in spectacular fashion. I want stories about life after global brain-washing, stories of life filled with compassion and promise that one day we'll be embraced by the wider society of our galaxy. What was your part in the revolution and how you made a difference to the new world disorder?

I want Chimeraworld #6 to be a testament to the awakening of mankind, stories about immersion in the galactic melting pot – hardcore experimentation, dimensional travel, body-swapping with alien races, DNA bartering, galactic superheroes, real cultural exchange. Everything is permitted. Nothing is a crime. Surrealism is your saviour.

Chimeraworld #6 (new world disorder) will be published by Chimericana Books, late 2009 in American format 6" by 9" trade paperback. Word count: 2,000–4,000 words, strict. Payment: £10.00UK (approx $20.00US). Esubs: only to (remove the dots in m.i.k.e. ). Format: Rich Text Format only. Font: Times Roman, 12 point, single space. Add postal address, email and word count to first page. Add 50–100 word bio after THE END.

For those of you reading this who are still a tad confused and might have read/submitted to previous Chimeraworlds where the guidelines were much more prescriptive, let me reiterate that I want what you think you can offer to this anthology. How you think the future pans out.

It could talk about a continued civil war as clan-ism takes root once again.
It could talk about Capitalist-free utopias where freelove is the new social Macaq.
It could talk about a world stunned into peace by the arrival of a new race, uncloaking from the rags of society.

Anything you wanna submit has the potential to be appropriate, as long as it's after the Global Banking Elite, and the present structure of society, has been vanquished.


Mike Philbin, editor for Chimericana Books

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shadows of the Emerald City.

Submission period ending: July 31st, 2009.

POD Anthology.

No other story has touched as many hearts and endeared itself into the American fabric as 'The Wizard of Oz' by L. Frank Baum. Often toted as America's first Fairy Tale, this heartwarming classic has been made and remade again and again across every medium known to man. The themes are timeless, the characters themselves beloved.

And now, here is your chance to rip that all to bloody, meaty pieces.

Like all fairy tales, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has one foot rooted in the fantastic, and the other foot planted in blood. There are some very adult themes taken lightly in this novel, themes of child abduction, murder, cannibalism, torture, witchcraft, and more. Shadows DO fall in the Emerald City, and where they are their darkest is where you will find the true terror of Oz.

What we want to see are horror stories based on the world of Oz. This includes the characters, the settings, the world itself. We're deconstructing an American institution, so we'd like to see what you can come up with. Blood and gore, or explicit sex? By all means. As long as it reads as part of the natural progression of the story and not some fucked up penthouse letter.

Scare us. Disgust us. More than anything though, give us a reason to turn the page.

Tentative Publication Date: Fall 2009.


Stories should come in under 10k words. Now I say should, because I�m not going to leave something amazing on the floor because it's 11k words, but it had better be something very special to be seriously considered. Anything in the 5-10k range is perfect. Unpublished work preferred, but please query if you have a previously published work that you think would fit this collection.


Payment is $20.00 US and 1 contributor copy, paid on publication. I am paying for the right to use your stories one time (AKA ONE TIME WORLD WIDE RIGHTS) for this particular short story collection, and all rights will revert back to you upon publication.

Submission Format

Please send all stories, questions, and complaints BY EMAIL ONLY to ozhorror @ Please remove the spaces prior to mailing. or click the TWO handy links I created just for you. Standard submission format is acceptable. RTF files only please. Return time will be <4>

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Open Submissions: Demons: A Clash of Steel Anthology

You are hereby cordially invited to submit
your tales of demonic wickedness and diabolical wages!

For this shall be an anthology devoted to
the devilish fiends who seek to wreak havoc among mankind upon the mortal plane –
and of the paladins and warriors who return the vanquished denizens of all the hells
to whence they’ve come!

Grab thee pen and paper now!

Join in the epic battle that eternally wages betwixt humanity and all that hates it!
Face off against evil incarnate and make us whimper in despair - or cheer in triumph.

It is your choice.

Submission Period:

April 1 - June 15, 2009

Release Date:

August 15, 2009

RBE has assumed the “Clash of Steel” series and existing titles from the late Carnifex Press. The first order of business is the re-issuance of the original three CoS titles. RBE is beginning with Demons as the first CoS title to be incorporated into the “Rogue Blades Presents” series of premium anthologies and collections. Similar to other titles in the “RBP” series, every CoS cover will have a standard color and appearance — black is the CoS color! All CoS titles will have black-bordered covers, NEW cover art, titles such as “Rogue Blades Presents” Demons: A Clash of Steel Anthology, and consist of 90-100,000 words. Each anthology will be re-edited by yours truly, with a salute to their creator, Armand Rosamilia, on the title page.

Almost all of the previous authors in the original version of Demon have agreed to return in the re-issued version. The current Demon contains roughly 50k in words - so I will be needing almost double its contents. CoS story lengths will remain the same — 2500-5000 words — so this anthology could reach 30 stories in length.

RBE is offering a flat $30 within 90 days of signing contracts, plus two complimentary copies (1 print/1 electronic) of the book at publication, the permanent right to purchase additional copies at the contributor price (RBE’s standard 42% off the cover price), and the opportunity to include half-page vertical ads for other works of the author for $5 each (a savings of $37).

Demons: A Clash of Steel Anthology will be in print by mid-August, in time to attend Dragon*Con with other RBE titles - even if I do not hit the desired word count. Submissions will (pretty much) be read and responded to as they are received. If you have not received a rejection or request to keep your story in the running within 3 days of submission, query or submit again! IMPORTANT: Because I will be reading them as I see them, hook me immediately! Do not delay my gratification - I am too busy to continue reading stories that cannot give me the good stuff up front. I will still provide non-standard rejections with feedback - but I can only provide feedback up until the point at which I quit reading.

CoS tales should be powerful, action-oriented tales of steel versus sorcery -

in this particular case,
strength of man versus spawn of hell!

Some will win and defeat evil - but not unscathed!
Some will lose and die horribly at the hands of evil.

Don’t think - just act!

Don’t emote - just do!

Submissions should ONLY be sent via email
with .RTF attachments and a subject line that reads like this:

Submission: Demons: your story title,
e.g., Submission: Demons: Helter-Skelter

  • Email?
  • Words? 2,500 to 5,000 words - Over or under word count is not a grave disqualification, but I am not looking for flash or too much more than 5k.
  • Rights? First World Volume and Electronic Display Rights (with limited exclusivity)
  • Stories? Multiple submissions are allowed - but separately please! Authors may have more than one story in CoS anthologies. Reprints are allowed - so long as the author can demonstrate reversion of rights.
  • Submissions? If you simultaneously submit - tell me and keep me informed.
  • Format? Make sure I can read it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Horror eBook anthology - "Vermin"

Reading period will be April 15th - July 15th 2009

Stories submitted before the reading date or after the reading dates will be returned unread, NO EXCEPTIONS!

What the "Vermin" anthology's theme will be...

Stories about those tiny, menacing feet inside the walls, creatures watching you from the darkenss of the halls at midnight... you tell me, and make it creepy! And PLEASE no generic 'rat-creature in the attic, kills the exterminator, etc.' tales... be original!

Length and submission...

We are looking for tales in the 2,500-7,500 word range. Nothing more, nothing less. We will return (unread) anything not within these guidelines. You can submit a story as either an attachment to the e-mail address in Word or in the body of an e-mail. We do NOT accept snail mail. Please put "Vermin Sub" in the subject of the e-mail and give a word count in the e-mail itself, even if the story also has it listed. Our reading time is usually 6-8 weeks NO multiple submissions, NO exceptions. Reprints accepted.

Payment info...

We pay a flat $3.00 for each story accepted via PayPal. That's it. We are a brand new eBook-only publisher looking to get the name out there and get some quality releases under our belts without making the mistake of so many other small-press publishers and overdoing it in the beginning. We pay everyone once the anthology has been officially filled. If this is acceptable, kindly submit to us.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love Stories Magazine

Any previously published stories are not acceptable.

The overall theme should involve short stories of Male/Female love and romance. These stories may be contemporary, historic, inspirational, paranormal, or any other theme as long as love and romance are the main thrust of the story. Story length should range from 3,000 to 5,000 Words


When submitting stories via e-mail, please include the story title within the SUBJECT line.

While we will accept any story having to do with love and romance, we are currently seeking stories with some sexuality incorporated into the plot to stimulate interest and allow the reader to live vicariously. However, stories should not be overtly graphic or pornographic in nature. Suggestive phrases should be used in the place of reference to body parts and inappropriate language.

All stories must be checked for spelling and grammar. License with grammar may be taken if it carries the story or character forward.

Stories are to be submitted as Microsoft Word attachments, SINGLE SPACED USING TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 POINT TYPE.

Please include STORY TITLE and ALL contact information - NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE AND E-MAIL - on the first page of the story.

The first line of each paragraph must be indented two spaces from the left. All dialogue should be enclosed within double quotes.

Please allow up to 10-12 weeks for us to review your manuscript.

Submissions should be sent to the following address:



All hard copy submissions should include a SASE.

New Love Stories Magazine
C/O Phoenix Magazine Publishing Company Inc.
1040 First Avenue
Suite 323
New York, NY 10022-2902