Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Last Man Anthology

The Last Man Anthology is seeking submissions:

We are a print publication bringing together the best of catastrophic literature. This anthology is a tribute to Mary Shelley's novel, "The Last Man." Submissions to the Last Man Anthology will be accepted until filled. The anthology will be released August 30, 2010 in celebration of Mary Shelley's birthday.

Word count: 1500-8888 words.

All fiction should focus on the theme of catastrophic literature, and present interesting and innovative ideas that lend to the conception of being the last. Show us the last man, woman, robot, alien, planet, universe. The last person to do what. The last planet to do what. Show us the end of the world. What world is up to you to decide. The characters or world must show the last of something. Stories should be science fiction in nature, although genre-bending is acceptable. No alternate history.

Email submissions to LastManAnthology[@] Attachments in doc. or docx. Subject header should read: Last Man Anth/title/word count. Please include a bio, any creative writing or college classes you've taken, if any. In a few sentences tell us what your favorite book is and why. Lastly, in a few sentences explain why science fiction is important to you.

Visit our website for complete instructions: