Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Short Story Market - Familymaker

Familymaker, an online magazine currently in start-up production, is seeking freelance writers to contribute short, original narratives or queries on family-centered themes. Articles should be anecdotal, around 500 words, and based in personal experience, observation, or interview.

We seek to present a wide range of topics within the broad themes of parenting, family-building, practical concerns, challenges to expect, advice, suggested activities, and humor. Our expected audience will include, but not be restricted to, young families. We hope for positive and informative articles, human interest stories that share insights and experience.

Following is a brief list of suggested topics that we do have interest in, though it is not required that proposals, draft essays, or queries be specifically on these topics:
Survival skills for hard economic times
•Stay at home Dads
Pros and Cons of Home Schooling
•How recession may reshape family values
•Making an intercultural marriage work
•Teenagers' advice to their parents
•Planning for your future
•Adoption experiences
•Fostering children in need
•Preparing for family life
•The value of marriage
•Pitfalls and challenges

Submissions should be the author’s original material, and preferably unpublished. In the event that any submission is chosen for publication, compensation ranging from $30-$100 will be offered at the editor’s discretion. Payment will follow publication.

Please send draft essays on speculation, or queries, and brief biographical information, to the Managing Editor at kay@familymakermag. org

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