Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2012AD Anthology

Severed Press seeks short stories for its new Apocalypse anthology, 2012AD. Stories should be based around the Ancient Mayan prediction of the world ending on December 21st 2012. Stories can be Horror, Dark humor, Monsters, Zombies, Sci-Fi, Biblical (Antichrist, four horseman ETC) Evil from other dimensions in fact anything goes.

Payment: Payment will be $0.01 word based on the final edited version. Rounded to the nearest hundred words, plus one Authors copy.

Stories for anthologies should be between 2000-8000 words and be submitted with a brief Bio and a synopsis of your story in standard form as an attachment to anthologies@severedpress.com please advise us if story has been published before.

The deadline for submissions are as follows:

2012AD - 15/04/09

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