Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shroud Announces New Anthology

Tentative Title: Northern Haunts
100 Terrifying New England Tales to Tell Around a Campfire

Guidelines: Flash fiction (no more than 700 words) told in the FIRST person (to allow readers to re-tell the story) set in a New England location. The anthology will be separated into 4 sections (tentative titles):

Haunts- Stories of ghosts, specters, and phantoms
Beasts- Stories of monsters, critters, and wild animals
Humans- Stories of eccentric people, serial killers, mad men
Other Oddities- everything else

Format: Submit as a Word .doc or .rtf attachment.
SUBJECT LINE MUST SAY: "SUBMISSION--NORTH--TITLE", mail your stories, one per email to The deadline will depend upon the amount of qualified submissions.

The format: standard submission format, but as long as the spelling, grammar and punctuation are good to go I am not going to freak out about indents and spacing.

Multiple submissions allowed and encouraged
No reprints
No simultaneous subs
Payment: (.01 cent a word or you can donate your stories)

Proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society


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