Monday, August 18, 2008

The Chronicles of Sarin

Altair Australia Book 2009 Bi-Line anthology

Stories are sought for an anthology dedicated to a single character. Sarina is the protagonist and it is from her point of view all stories must be told/shown. A modern urban fantasy setting anywhere in the world - she gets around.

Deadline - August 2009
Send to (Title in header with author name - rtf attachment)

Follow the bi-line please

Sarina Jeppe is tall, has long black hair, dark eyes, slender and rivettingly attractive. She is 500 years old and has been a part of history, the good and the bad. She is an Uttuku, a woman who must sip a small amount of blood from her victims, to taste their life light. Her victims never die, or are they converted, they also don't remember being bitten by her. She is part darkness, part light and combats all manner of evils humans rarely see. She doesn't protect humanity, but more protects the secrets of the darkside from them. She will do anything to ensure the dark creatures remain just legends and secrets. Even when such being reveal themselves to human kind.

Is she a super hero? Only of such heroes can kill you after saving your life. Is she super human? No, but she is smart, fast and capable of taking down ten men without raising a sweat - some martial arts, some dark arts. She uses no magic, other than the manipulation of dark elements, but this is dangerous to her as it is not easily controlled, or does it always work in her favour. She is not a witch, though she has killed many, she is a demon that came before the idea of demons existed - she is a succubus in old tales and even a vampire of sorts - but she feeds from the light of life rather than blood, the blood taste carries the light. Just a small sip, a small nick of the skin from a hidden extendible fang behind her eye tooth. She can find love and attraction but it must die by the end of each story.

She has no mother or father, is of no religion or faith, is of no definite sexual orientation. She has loved and lost through history and she is not immune to the depression such a life brings. She can be vicious and loving, a killer and a nurturer.

No new relationship lasts because the past has hardened her to the strains of total commitment. She has the power to give life, but falls more on the side of death. She hunts and is hunted. Sarina can not die, but she can be hurt and sometimes takes longer to heal depending on injuries.

Sarina is eternally 25 years old.
Sarina only likes one colour and her life is dominated by it - black.
Sarina can be goth when needs arise and stately model when attraction is required. There is absolutely no colour in her immediate life, though yellow sometimes has an abstract appeal.

Can you take this character on a journey? Can you take the reader into her life and frighten them, scare them, creep them out?

Minimum word count - 5000
Maximum - 8 000 (must be tight)
Payment $100 per story on publication
Multiple subs okay
The character and concept is owned and controlled by Robert N Stephenson and is not free for use anywhere other than this anthology. The character and term Uttuku has been lifted from his novel of the same name.

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