Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Resolution

101 Heartwarming, Healthful, and Humorous Resolutions. .. and how they turned out!

Chicken Soup for the Soul is looking for stories about your future resolutions or your past resolutions and how they worked out - your failures and successes, what you learned. Stories should be written in the first person, should not be previously published, and should not exceed 1,200 words.

Do you have a great story that you would like to share? We are looking for stories on:

Going "green"
Adjusting to the new economic reality - gas and food prices, losing a job etc.
Downsizing and simplifying your life
Improving your health
Getting more organized
Changing your behavior
Restoring a relationship with someone
Spending more time with family and friends
Kicking bad habits
Realizing that you are just fine the way you are!
Any other resolutions.

We pay $200 plus ten free copies of the book for each story published. Your story will be copyrighted in your name and you will retain your rights to resell the story to another publication after it is published by Chicken Soup. We will publish a 50 word bio for you as well if desired.

Deadline is September 15th. Please submit your story to: http://wwwchickensoupfortheso asp?cid=submit_ story.

Please do not reply to this address. For any further correspondence, contact webmaster@chickenso upforthesoul. com or visit our website at


Terra Hangen said...

I saw this in a Twitter tweet; great website for me to visit, when looking for anthology markets.

Donna Sundblad said...

Hi Terra,

I try to mix up the kinds of writing markets I post here so there is something for everyone!

Thanks for visiting.