Saturday, April 5, 2008


GIANT CREATURES ANTHOLOGY To be Edited by Ryan C. Thomas…

There was a time when the atomics industry fueled more than political debate—it fueled the growth spurts of God’s creatures, which turned the tables against the domineering species known as man. Giant spiders, towering ants, train-sized gila monsters, praying mantises larger than 747s, and yes, even mutated leeches big enough to swallow you whole.

These were the themes behind the classic Creature Feature films of the 50s and 60s. By the 70s we learned that no amount of atomic radiation would cause a flea to grow so large it could leap across an entire city, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back on those drive-in films with a sense of fondness. They are as fun today as they were back then. It was, after all, the sight of these giant beasts attacking man that became the catalyst for many of today’s horror writers to pick up a pen.

Permuted Press is now opening up submissions to fill a collection of original giant creature stories for an anthology to be released in 2008. We are looking for stories in the 3000-5000 word range (query for longer tales). Care to show us what happens when the tiny become the mighty?

Reading Period: Dec 5th to March 31st or until filled. Because we have invited a number of popular authors to participate, there are only a select number of open spaces left, so don’t wait.

What we want: Original stories of animals/insects/etc. grown to enormous sizes (or at least vastly bigger than they should be). Take something that exists on earth and show us what happens when it gets really big. Anything from germs to spiders to rodents to monkeys to naked mole rats to swordfish…the opportunities are endless. Stories can be set in any location at any time period. Monsters need not be the result of radiation either—King Kong was simply big. Get creative, people. All genres welcome. (And please note this is not a Daikaju book…so Godzilla stories will be a very hard sell). Yes, giant people are okay, but you’ll need to really impress us. Same with plants.

What we don’t want: No fan fiction or reprints. Again, try to stay away from Japanese Monsters…there are already anthos out there for that. No aliens or mythological creatures (stories CAN have sci fi elements, however). Think outside the box—we can only print one story of the army fighting a giant insect, if you get our drift.

Payment: Authors will receive a flat payment of $15 via Paypal and a contributor copy of the book.

Submission guidelines: Email your manuscript as an attachment to Please use a 12-point readable font – SINGLE SPACED. Include your name and email on the cover page. Place the title of the story, page number, and your name in the header of each page. Please only submit one story at a time. No simultaneous submissions.

Return time: We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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