Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vanilla Heart Publishing


Vanilla Heart Publishing’s With Arms Wide Open Anthology for Fall 2008

Vanilla Heart Publishing announces an open call for submissions for a new anthology.

Our Fall 2008 anthology will include short stories, anecdotes, poetry and snippets that explore the joy of living and loving, based on the theme With Arms Wide Open, which is the working title for this exciting and touching anthology.

Share your personal stories about a time you took a chance, moved past fear or apprehension, risked everything for love, found peace, expanded a comfort zone – or any other emotion or experience that shares the intimacies of living and loving With Arms Wide Open.

All entries will be reviewed for their content, flow, emotive response, grammar, spelling, style, and adherence to submission guidelines. Not all entries will be accepted for publication.


Submissions must be original, previously unpublished works, to which the author holds full rights. We do not accept reprints. Both unpublished and published authors are welcome to submit.

Submissions should be sent as an email attachment, written in MS Word .doc or .rtf format. The subject line of the email should read: Submission: Arms Wide Open Anthology – (short story, poem, etc).

In the body of the email, include all of the following information:

• Your name and/or pen name if applicable
• Short introduction: Tell us who you are and about your writing experience, background, places you are published, etc.
• Email contact information
• Additional information pertinent to your submission, but keep it short and sweet

Please do NOT include any of the following with your submission:

• Any links to websites, including but not limited to author sites, profiles, or blogs
• Any attachments other than the submission, or in a format other than requested
• Any information other than what is included in the guidelines


If your submission is selected for publication, Vanilla Heart Publishing will pay you for your submission, prior to publication but after receipt of the signed release granting us permission to publish your work. Payment for each category is as follows:

Snippets: $5
Poems: $10
Anecdotes: $7.50
Stories: From $15 to $45


Stories – 500 to 3,500 words
Anecdotes – 35 to 150 words
Poems – no epics, all other styles accepted
Snippets – maximum: 50 words

Submissions will be accepted until midnight PDT, April 11, 2008.

Send submissions as outlined above to AWOsubmissions@acagedheart.com

Kimberlee Williams, Managing Editor
Vanilla Heart Publishing

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