Thursday, March 13, 2008

Niteblade Fantasy and Horror Magazine Anthology

Niteblade Fantasy and Horror Magazine
Anthology #1 (Currently Untitled)

Anthology Submission Guidelines
Last updated Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Every fifth issue of Niteblade Magazine will be a print anthology. This anthology will include the best of the last four web-based issues (half chosen through reader votes and half by the editors) as well as new material that hasn't appeared in Niteblade before. In order to be considered for the former selections you need to have your work accepted in the e-zine. These submission guidelines are meant to cover the new material.

I have chosen the cover artwork for the first print ezine already. It is a wonderful piece by Marge Simon. All anthology submissions should be, in some way, inspired by it. The top three stories and the top three poems, as decided by me, will be included in the print anthology. See the artwork here.

Niteblade Fantasy and Horror Magazine will require the non-exclusive right to use your story or poem in our print anthology. We would ask that you wait to submit your work elsewhere until six months after the print anthology is published, but we will not contractually obligate you to do so.

I want to pay you lots, I really do -- but until Niteblade gets off its feet and is able to support itself the best I can offer is one US dollar per story or poem and a contributor's copy of the book. Payment will be made by your choice of paypal, epassporte or a donation to Duotrope's Digest and will be paid upon acceptance.

For all submissions please email your story or poem as an .rtf or .doc attachment to

I'm getting a significant amount of spam so make sure you have the word 'Niteblade' 'Submission' or 'Query' in the subject somewhere. Any one will do, you don't need to use all three :)

When submitting prose please single space your work and do not indent new paragraphs.

Please include your legal name, snail mail address and the name you want your story published under.

Stories should be less than 10,000 words. If they aren't, but you really want me to see them, please query first with a detailed synopsis. Keep in mind that longer stories are a harder sell than shorter ones.

Considering the nature of this anthology it probably goes without saying, but no simultaneous submissions or reprints.

No multiple submissions please. Only one story and up to 5 poems per author will be considered.

What I like...
The best way to see what I like is to check out the current issue -- all it will cost you is time. Remember that your submission for this anthology needs to be inspired in some way by the illustration above.

Submissions will close on July 15, 2008 and all regrets and acceptances will be sent out by the end of that month.

If you have any other questions please email and I will respond as soon as possible.

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