Friday, March 7, 2008

Triangulation: Taking Flight

Triangulation: Taking Flight

What We're Looking For:

Triangulation: Taking Flight is the latest edition of the Triangulation print anthology series. (Last year we went the POD route with, complete with option of letting the buyer download the PDF for cheap instead, and were quite pleased with the results. We'll almost certainly go through again this year, so if the whole POD thing squicks you out, you probably don't want to submit to us.) We're looking for short speculative fiction that fits our theme.

As with last year, we define "short" as "up to about 5,000 words or so." We have no reason to impose hard and fast arbitrary word limits, but we are interested in publishing a wide variety of stories. So the more space a story will take, the more it will need to impress us. If you have a kick-ass story that exceeds 5K then by all means send it; but be warned that if you're closer to 10,000 words, your story will need to lay-down a Chuck-Norris-grade ass-kicking on the editorial staff to make it in.

There is no minimum word count. We dig flash.

As with last year, we have no interest in getting more specific about the term "speculative fiction." Science fiction, horror, fantasy, alternate history, whatever; if there's a speculative element vital to your story, we'll gladly give it a read.

And as with last year, we welcome creative interpretations of our theme. This year, the theme is "Taking Flight." What's that mean? Come up with your own answer, and give us a story that convinces us you're right.

We will run mature content, as long as we like the story. So make sure there's an actual story in that mature content.

We will gladly consider reprints. (If the story ran someplace obscure, then chances are it will be new to almost all our readers; and if it ran someplace high-profile, then chances are it's really good. Either way, we win!) We're still not interested in fanfic.

Submission deadline is March 31, 2008. All electronic submits must be sent by that time, all snail mail submits must be postmarked by that date.


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