Sunday, October 12, 2008

PMS—Poison, Murder, Satisfaction!!

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES - Are you writing what we want to read?

Are you ready to show off your red-hot talent? Are you ready to see your manuscripts for sale in both Print and Electronic Book formats? Here's that to send to the L&L Dreamspell Submission desk!

Romance - Make us wish we were part of the story, with interesting, intelligent characters. All varieties accepted. (Please make sure Historical romances are factually correct.)

Mystery - From Mainstream to Cozies to Hardboiled, we want to appeal to a wide audience of mystery lovers. Chapter 1 should really grab the reader's attention!

Suspense - From Mystery to Romance to Thrillers and Horror. Make us really feel what the characters experience.

Paranormal - FICTION - Ghosts, Vampires, the Occult - all within fascinating, original stories including elements of Suspense, Mystery and/or any type of Romance. NON-FICTION - Interesting, thought-provoking manuscripts with theories and/or true life experiences.

Metaphysical--NON-FICTION--Anything and everything within the "New Age" genre. Interesting, thought-provoking manuscripts with theories and/or true life experiences. Readers should be fascinated with your ideas/theories on ESP/Intuition, Synchronicity, Divination, Dreams, Healing, Meditation, Angels, Yoga, Crystals, and speculation about Reality and Quantum Physics.

Not Sure?--If you didn't see a category above that matches, but think your manuscript/story would fit in at L&L Dreamspell please write to the Publishing Desk and ask - Click HERE (QUESTIONS ONLY - NO SUBMISSIONS TO THIS EMAIL)

What to submit...

E-MAILED SUBMISSIONS ONLY! Please do not send submissions to our P.O. Box - Thanks!

Short Stories - Send us the completed story. The length should be between 3000 and 9000 words, more or less. NOTE - Please tell us the story is for PMS—Poison, Murder, Satisfaction!! in your submission e-mail! If you have any questions about submitting a short story please write to the Publishing desk before you send it (NO previously published stories) - Click HERE (QUESTIONS ONLY - NO SUBMISSIONS TO THIS EMAIL)

Important! Prepare your submission before you send it! - Click HERE for instructions


Two Starving Writers said...

What's the payment?

Donna Sundblad said...

Hi Two,

The payment wasn't listed, but you can use the "questions" email to ask. Thanks for reading here at ANAR.