Monday, October 6, 2008

Calhoun Gordon County Writers Guild – Animal Tales Anthology

Calhoun Gordon County Writers Guild is looking for true animal and pet stories for their proposed Animal Tales anthology. The animal in your story must play a central role in the story and should be no longer than 3000 words. Humorous and inspirational stories about pets and uncommon animals are preferred. Reprints are accepted; just tell us where the story was originally published. Simultaneous submissions are welcome but if your submission is a simultaneous, please tell us in the submission and let us know immediately if it is accepted for publication elsewhere. Submissions must be original and preferably unpublished non-fiction. If your story has been published and you own the rights, we're willing to consider it as well. Please, no novels, poetry, or stories written for children.

Writer's Guidelines:

Format: Save as a Word doc or rtf format.

Word Count: 1,000-3,000

How to submit: Email submissions only. Send to Type "Pet Anthology Submission" in the subject line.

Other Information: Be sure to include: Your name, address, email, and word count of your story.

Our response time is approximately 45 days.


  • Use few characters and stick to one point of view.
  • Limit the time frame.
  • Follow conventional story structure.


This anthology is a non-paying publication, but contributors get a byline and one contributor copy. Once sufficient material is collected stories will be bundled in an anthology.


The Calhoun Gordon County Writer's Guild asks for non-exclusive anthology rights for a period of six months after publication. Any accepted material gets assigned an expected publication date. If this publication date is not met, rights revert to the author immediately.


Two Starving Writers said...

No payment? Why not? Is a writer's time not worth something? If you can't pay the writers when you put together an anthology, you should wait until you CAN.

Donna Sundblad said...

I've had a lot of feedback on the post outside the blog and they are very happy to see this market. It takes all kinds. Just submit to the ones that work for you.