Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Angler

Since I haven't come across a new anthology market, today's post will include a writing market looking for short stories:

Submitting to The Angler

Note: Submissions are open.

Thank you for your interest in The Angler. If you have a story you wish to submit, please consider the advice in the “What to submit” section below. In a lot of cases you will probably have to make some small revisions to your story to make it suitable for The Angler. If you haven’t noticed already, The Angler is published by an active beer writer, amateur craftbrewer, fisherman, and idler. Most of the readers coming to this site are craft beer enthusiasts, folks that are into the do-it-yourself mode, and people in life’s slow lane. I don’t insist that you must have a reference to craft beer or fishing in your story, but it helps. If you do reference a craft beer, I’ll leave the choice of which one to reference up to you. (Think about the one brewed locally in your area.)

I accept less than 25% of the stories submitted to The Angler. Depending on the backlog, it might take me a month or so to get back to you with a decision. I’ll do my best to get back to you promptly. If you don’t hear from me in one month. Please send a follow-up. Occasionally things get gobbled up by the spam bucket.

Submission Guidelines

Flash fiction and short stories under 1000 words can be submitted by email. For works longer than 1000 words, please send an excerpt and a summary of the whole work.

Paste the plain text of your story into the body of the email. The subject of the email should begin with the word “Submission”. You may also include the title of your story. If you send an attachment, make sure it’s in Rich Text Format (.rft). If you story is accepted, you’ll need to send in this file anyway.

Together with your submission, please include a cover letter stating where you heard about The Angler. Also include a contributor biography written in the third person, not to exceed 250 words. In your biography, please provide a selection of your prior publications, if any, and links if the publications are in online magazines or journals.

Simultaneous submission of the same story to a different magazine is fine, just let me know if some other lucky editor has the privilege of publishing your story before I do. Also, previously published work is fine, as long at you hold the copyright and have permission from the original publisher. If you have posted your story on your website, that’s fine with me. I don’t consider posting of stories on personal, author websites as being prior publication. You should include information about simultaneous submission and the prior publication history of the story in your cover letter.

Please limit yourself to only one submission per author at a time. Once I have made a decision concerning your submitted work, you may then submit another work for consideration.

Authors retain the copyright for the work submitted to The Angler. All I ask for is the permission (1) to keep a permanent archive copy of the work on the magazine’s website, and (2) to reprint your story in a future print or online anthology. If your work is published originally in The Angler and then some other publisher with excellent taste in literature reprints your work, I ask that The Angler be acknowledged as the original publisher and a link provided to this web site. Submission implies consent to this request.

What to submit

What I’m looking for are well written stories. I’m interested in literary fiction. Rarely will I consider a genre-piece for publication unless the story pushes or bends the genre formula. I prefer works with strong characters, an original voice, and fresh situations.

I am especially interested in publishing experimental fiction. Here’s a list of some of the writers whose experimental writings I enjoy: Alain Robbe-Grillet, Jorge Luis Borges, James Joyce, and Julio Cortazar. I’m also a consumer of books by the OuLiPo-ists, cf. Raymond Queneau, George Perec, Italo Calvino, etc.

Important: Because the readership of The Angler consists primarily of intelligent craft beer and whiskey drinkers who appreciate fine food and stimulating conversation, stories that contain references to the following elements have a higher chance of being accepted: craft beer, brewing (at home or commercial), scotch and other whiskies, pubs, bars, restaurants, etc. Also, I like a good fishing story. Stories which explore pub culture are especially welcome. I’m looking for “mundane” stories — not boring stories, but stories that are in and of the world — stories about people living.

Please do not send poetry. I am not qualified to evaluate poetry. I enjoy reading poetry, but am not in a postion to publish it.

I’m also looking for creative non-fiction on the following topics: literature, writing, the writing life, authors, food, dining, beer, brewing, wine, cheese, the gourmet life, travel, jazz, film as art, fishing, loafing, doing-it-yourself, the craft lifestyle, quitting your day job, etc. Please send a query letter first.

Each issue of The Angler will have a title. The title of the first issue is “Repetition.” The title is not intended to dictate a strict theme; if authors have stories that fit with the title then that’s a bonus.

Submit all work and query letters to theangler at donavanhall dot net. I’ll try to be prompt in letting you know my decision concerning publication.

The Angler is listed with the Duotrope Digest. Please use their response tracker to report my response time in providing you a decision concerning publication.

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