Saturday, October 4, 2008



1. The Nemonymous editor requires a story judged suitable by its author for inclusion in the projected Cern Zoo book, planned to be published in June 2009. Ideally, this story should be specially written for ‘Cern Zoo’. 'Cern Zoo' (alternatively 'Cerne Zoo') simply means what it means to you. The above image is not intended to guide the nature of submissions and your story can have any title.

2. Between 500 and 14000 words for each story.

3. Lump sum payment in UK pounds to author upon publication: £0.01 a word up to a maximum of £100 (by Paypal).

4. Stories should be submitted as a Word Doc attachment. The editorial addresses to which your submission should be sent are AND

5. One story per author under consideration at any one time. The deadline is 31 March 2009.

6. You may submit the story anonymously. If so, you will be asked to reveal your identity and/or by-line when and if the story is placed on the short list.

7. The story must be original to the author and never published before in any form. No simultaneous submissions.

8. It is possible that any story will be kept for the whole of the reading period and still not be accepted for publication.

9. The stories will be published without a direct by-line but there will be a disordered list of authors’ names printed on the back cover. The by-lines will be correctly assigned on-line to the stories' titles when 8 months have elapsed after the publication of 'Cern Zoo' and also correctly assigned within the projected printed 'Nemonymous Ten' in 2010.

10. The decision of the Nemonymous editor is final regarding all points above. By submitting a story, any author accepts these terms. Please put 'Cern Zoo: Story Title' as the subject of your email. Also, please show a word count at the top.

To help you with 'styling' your story for NEMONYMOUS, please see all the independent reviews linked from: and also by reading previous editions of Nemonymous

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