Friday, October 17, 2008


Five Star/Gale hardcover, Wheeler large print

Sharing Memories from the '70s with the Kids
Essay Contest

sponsored by the

National Association of Baby Boomer Women
and GRAND Magazine.

Here's the contest. You have 500 words to tell us about a specific memory from the '70s you plan on sharing with the younger generation(s) --- or, maybe one you have no intention of sharing! Show us a good story ... Take us back. Who was there, what were you doing, how old were you, why was the event so special? Details are what make a winning essay.

Submissions should be written in a Word document and sent as an attachment to contest@nabbw. com with "Memories from the '70s" in the subject line.

PRIZE MONEY - $250.00 and F-R-E-E membership or renewal in the National Association of Baby Boomer Women. Plus your story will be published in the Our Voices section at www.boomerwomenspea and in the January-February issue of GRAND Magazine.

DEADLINE: October 31, 2008

Please make sure to include your name, email address, and short (no more than 75 words) bio at the top of your entry. Men may also submit! (Should a man win, he can keep the $250.00 and give the free National Association of Baby Boomer Women membership to a boomer woman.)

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