Monday, September 1, 2008

Three Fiction Projects at POW!erful Tales

The fiction we're looking for currently fits into three main projects:

POW!erful Tales

POW!erful Tales will be an anthology of stories set in the universe of POW!'s Tripod City. Tripod City is a major metroplex on the shores of Lake Mohawk, the 7th Great Lake. It's your typical rust belt town with typical problems of urban crime and corporate corruption. Complicating these problems are super-villains (often created by the spread of the one time super-secret drug MU-T8) and of course the occasional alien invader or slumming god.

We're looking for exciting, skillfully written superhero stories. Several planned stories are set in Tripod City, the setting for Peryton Publishing's POW! RPG, but this is not a requirement for consideration. Writers interested in using the POW! setting or characters should consult the forums. We have no real restrictions on style or content; tongue-in-cheek adventure is just as welcome as angst-driven heroism. Of course, we cannot consider stories that refer to characters owned by third parties; so please don't submit anything with your favorite comic-book heroes. Please submit your story to pow at perytonpublishing dot com as a .DOC or .RTF file attached to your e-mail.

The deadline for POW!erful submissions is December 1st, 2008. The book is scheduled for publication in February, 2009.

Tunnels and Trouble

The sequel to Troll Tunnels (tentatively called Tunnels and Trouble) will need fantasy fiction of the sword and sorcery sort, maybe with some powder-punk thrown in. Gratuitous Tunnels and Trolls references are more than welcome, but not necessary. As you can see from reading the previous volume, we're looking for quality prose with atmosphere and personality, not transcripts of game sessions. Previous tales in this series have been set in Trollworld, Elder, and even Earth.


We're looking for creepy supernatural horror that will stay with you when long after you put the book down. No slasher flick stuff and no morality plays, please.

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