Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stange and Bizarre Stories

Novelist Vincent Hobbes is seeking short stories for an upcoming project which will feature a compilation of strange and bizarre stories. His publisher is currently accepting submissions from any author interested in having his or her work published in a novel.

Manuscripts being accepted will include anything from the following fiction genres:
Psychological thriller

Requirements: Word count may be anything from 1,500-30,000 words. We are seeking stories that are original and not previously published. Interesting storylines with a preferable twist at the end to captivate the reader is desired. Think Twilight Zone. All stories must be tasteful-not overly gory, no inappropriate sex scenes, or an over use of profanity.

All submissions must adhere to the following guidelines:
12-point font, Times New Roman
Cover sheet must be included with all proper contact information

Whether you are a new author seeking to promote yourself, or simply someone who wants your family and friends to read your story in a published and widely distributed piece of literature, this is a rare opportunity to have your name and story published.

You may submit your story via mail or electronically. Details are as follows:

If mailed, send copy to:
Hobbes End Publishing, LLC
Attn: Short Story Submission
P.O. Box 193
Aubrey, TX 76227

*Please also include a disk. Microsoft Word. A hard-copy is not required, but definitely appreciated. Please include a SASE if you desire your material returned if rejected.

If sent electronically, send to:
publisher@hobbesend publishing. com
Attn: Short Story Submission (subject line)

Deadline is October 1st, 2008

Terms: Full rights, both printing and media, will be purchased outright for
$100.00 per story. Therefore, it will be un-publishable elsewhere without
express permission from the publisher. Any author who does not agree to such
terms, please do not submit your work for this project. Also, the best story
will receive a bonus from the publisher.

You may contact the publisher via email with any questions.


Two Starving Writers said...

Writers, please don't submit your stories to this anthology. Never, EVER sell all rights to a story. If you think it's okay, look at the lawsuits throughout publishing legal history where some poor writer sold all rights to a story for a tiny amount and the publisher sold the rights to a film or media company. DON'T DO IT. There are plenty of other markets out there, and $100 just isn't worth it.

Donna Sundblad said...

You're right, writers need to think long and hard before they sell all rights.