Saturday, May 3, 2008

Olympia Anthology

Info and Guidelines for Cartoonists submitting work to be printed in Olympia

Olympia is an anthology of small press comics published annually in conjunction with The Olympia Comics Festival. This year the festival will feature Craig Thompson, Peter Bagge, and Paul Chadwick as Guests of Honor. The 2008 Olympia Comics Festival will take place Saturday, June 7th. The purpose of this anthology is to promote both the festival and the work of the cartoonists included. Olympia is published by Cathartic Fart Press.

Cartoonists submitting work for inclusion grant Olympia one–time printing rights. Upon publication, all rights revert back to the author or authors. All works are copyrighted to their respective authors. Work submitted to Olympia must be owned in whole by those offering it for publication. Every cartoonist will be sent email confirmation upon receipt of their work.

Every cartoonist included in Olympia will receive a free copy. If you were in last year’s issue and did not receive a free copy, please let me know. Additional copies may be purchased at printing cost. I also send a few free copies to publishers such as Fantagraphics and Top Shelf. Any profit made off of Olympia will roll into next year’s issue.

I expect to print about 150 copies of Olympia this year.


  1. Submissions should be 1 – 6 pages in length and sized to fit pages that are 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches (standard sheet folded) –– I'd allow a .25 inch margin all around. I got a few oversized ones last year and had to work to make them fit. I have learned my lesson and will be less forgiving this year.
  2. Please submit photocopies only.
  3. Please submit two copies of each page, just in case.
  4. Your pages should be in “portrait” rather than “landscape” orientation.
  5. Please do not submit pages that have art on both sides.
  6. Please include your name on the back of all pages.
  7. Please include full contact information with your submission. Also, a couple pages will be set aside for contact and sales info for the included cartoonists so please include a sentence or two of extra information, if you’d like, for that section.

Things I Will Actually Consider When Selecting Which Stories to Include

  • There is no official theme, but you get one bonus point if your story is about or set in Olympia.
  • You get one bonus point if you currently or have ever lived in Olympia.
  • You get one bonus point if you are getting a table at the Olympia Comics Festival.
  • You get three bonus points if I love your work.

Please send any questions for the editor to

Friday, May 16th is the absolute, final deadline for submissions. Please send (or drop off) submissions to: Attencione! Frank Hussey, Danger Room Comics, 201 4th Ave., Olympia, WA, 98501.

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