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God Allows U-Turns


Multiple Volumes Currently in Pre-Production


Release Dates: TBA 2008, 2009 & 2010 (check website)

God Allows U-Turns,100 W. Southlake Blvd., Suite 142-238, Southlake, TX 76092
Phone/Fax (817) 442-0721
To submit stories:

With 23 books under the God Allows U-Turns brand, new volumes in this acclaimed Christian inspirational book series will be published by the newly formed God Allows U-Turns Press. Each book in the series will contain approximately 50 uplifting, encouraging and inspirational “slice-of-life” true short stories written by contributors from all over the world. 98% unsolicited freelance. Includes byline and short bio. Stories 500-1,200 words. Pays $30 upon publication, plus one copy of book, for one-time or reprint rights (no returns.) “The choices we make change the story of our life©” tell us how the choices made either changed your life or the life of someone else. These true stories must touch the emotions. We want human-interest stories with a spiritual application, affirming ways in which faith choices are expressed in daily life. Show how the choice made, either through a change of heart, attitude, thought, and/or behavior, clearly shows moving closer toward God. Using a “u-turn” lesson/analogy within the story is a plus. We will accept simultaneous submissions & reprints (tell when and where it appeared.)

SPECIAL NEEDS: Three topical volumes are in pre-production now with future release dates in 2008/2009/2010. More details appear on our web site at:

God Allows U-Turns – Parents Setting Boundaries
Seeking stories primarily about overcoming challenges with adult children who overstep boundaries. Have you been victorious in overcoming enabling patterns? How has parenting (or grand-parenting) a difficult adult child brought you closer to God?

God Allows U-Turns – Boomer Babes Rock!
True faith-filled stories by, for and about baby boomer women. From empty nesting to menopause, no subject is taboo. Have you stopped sweating the small stuff? How is God changing your perception of the world in your boomer years? What new path has he led you on?

God Allows U-Turns – Writing from the Heart and Soul
Do you have a passion for the written word? Perhaps you write on your lunch hour at work, or journal every day, or maybe you make a living as a writer, it doesn’t matter. If you view your world from the eyes of someone who writes, share your true faith-filled story with us now. How has God blessed you in your journey as someone who writes?

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR STORY: All stories must be sent as an attachment to your email – not within the body of an email. One story attachment per email. The attached document must be an MS Word Document. (If you use any other word processing software, simply save your final document in MS Word format before emailing it to us). The file name of the attachment must be your last name, first name and the story title.

Example: Smith, Edith - Gone With the Wind.doc.

The subject line in your email must begin with the topical volume, as in Parents, Boomers, or Writers. Stories not specifically addressing one of these topics will not be forwarded to the proper editorial teams and therefore will not be read or able to be considered. No snail mail submissions.

Submit your true short story to us at:

DEADLINE: December 1, 2008

STORY FORMAT: Submissions from 500-1,200 words. Keep it real. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things with God’s help. Write a great story with drama, description and dialogue. “Show” us, don’t “tell” us. Avoid moralisms and preachy tones. The point of the story should be how faith in God resulted in a u-turn choice changing someone’s life for the better. Send your story double-spaced, one-inch margins, and 12-point “Times” font – please, no fancy formatting with bold text or oversized headers. No graphics, logos or photos. Add an extra space between paragraphs, but do not indent the paragraphs. Please take the time to use spell check before submitting your story. Make sure your full contact information is including on the first page of your story, and not only in your email. Read the sample story on our website

CONTACT INFORMATION to include at the top of the first page of your story submission:

Date - First and Last Name - Mailing Address/City/State/Zip and Country - Home Phone, Cell Phone and Fax Number (if available) - Compilation Topic (Parents, Boomers, or Writers) - Title of the Story - Word Count

RIGHTS and FEES PAID: One time non-exclusive rights. Reprint rights. We will reserve full editorial rights, including possible title changes. You will be sent a Permissions Form (contract) in the event your story is chosen for possible publication. This form must be signed and returned promptly. 100% freelance. Pays $30 honorarium within 90 days of publication, plus one complimentary copy of the book, by-line and short bio. Contributing authors may purchase bulk quantities of the book at a discounted price for resale or promotional purposes.

TIMELINE: Due to the volume of material we receive, we regret we can not respond personally to your submission. You will only be contacted in the event your submission is selected for possible publication. Our professional team of editors is taking considerable time reading, rating and discussing all stories before final decisions are made. Feel free to submit your story elsewhere during this review process. In the event your work is chosen for inclusion in a future volume, you will be notified by email to see if your story is still available.

FUTURE VOLUMES: Visit our website at for news on other books in development and make sure to visit to sign up for our free monthly Dream-Zine publication where you’ll hear about the news first.

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