Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finding Your Way

Please share your true miracle story of Divine guidance and direction with others and we will consider your story for publication in our book called Finding Your Way.

Have you ever been at a crucial moment in your life when you needed clear guidance on which fork in the road to take?

Perhaps you needed spiritual guidance to help you make a big decision about taking a new job or leaving an old one.

Or maybe you asked for inspiration or help in knowing whether to deepen or discontinue your involvement in a relationship.

Did you ask for and receive Divine guidance in an unusual and miraculous way?

Did miracles occur in your life as a result of your following the Divine guidance and direction you received when you were at that crossroads?


Although the stories submitted up to now have been about truly miraculous experiences, we are asking that all future submissions be stories that are specifically related to having received Divine guidance or direction in a miraculous way at a time of indecision in your life.

We value ALL miracles, but the scope of this site is limited to only those which are about receiving Divine guidance and direction to clarify a decision or choice.

Please use the Story Submission Form to submit your miracle story.

We will respond via email to you within a couple of days about your story. Thanks for sharing your story!

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