Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Undead: Skin and Bones (Zombie Anthology)

A blend of unique, unusual, and interesting takes on the zombie genre

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What makes this anthology unique?
The Undead: Skin and Bones strives to take the shamble out of the typical zombie tale. A fungus takes over an office building and all its occupants. An exiled boy flees across a wasteland, stalked by an executioner and an undead dragon. A squadron of troops confronts an army of corpses. A greedy producer creates a talk show about the living dead. A man hits an unlucky streak that starts with a zombie outbreak and only gets worse. And in the featured novella, "Skin and Bones," a necromancer exploits the dead to extract a twisted revenge. These stories and more from authors such as David Wellington, Vince Churchill, David Dunwoody, and D.L. Snell.

Blurb about the book:

"The Undead: Skin and Bones proves that there's still plenty of life left in the zombie tale… from stark horror and the melancholy of loss, to satire and splatstick that George Romero and Peter Jackson would no doubt appreciate. So this is how the world ends: not with bang, and not with a whimper, but with a moan and grinding teeth."
—Brian Hodge, author of Mad Dogs

What other books have you written?

Permuted Press has published many small press zombie classics including Kim Paffenroth's Dying to Live , Travis Adkins' Twilight of the Dead, Bowie Ibarra's Down the Road series, and many others.

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