Thursday, August 2, 2007

Other Worlds

PUBLISHER: Dragonfly Publications, Inc. (2007)

THEME: Stories of faeries, ghosts and angels that challenge our perception of reality.

AUTHOR: Paula Blais Gorgas

WHAT MAKES THIS ANTHOLOGY UNIQUE: Other Worlds provides an opportunity to delve into the diverse fantasy world of award-winning author, Paula Blais Gorgas. Gorgas explores the realms of faeries, ghosts and angels
and touches the reader's heart and mind with her perceptive insight into the psyches of the humans who encounter these beings.

BLURB: Other Worlds is a collection of fantasy stories that challenges our perception of reality, taking the reader from ghostly realms, through alternate dimensions, and into a disturbing future society. The
characters include an upscale bag lady, a runaway teenager, an animal rights activist, and a politician's wife. Each is transformed by the otherworldly events that shake their everyday existence.



OTHER BOOKS: Court of Honor (YA); Earth Magic (YA); Dreamtime (paranormal romance); Little Lost Leprechaun (children); The Perfect
Purple Present (children).

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