Thursday, August 9, 2007

Romancing the Soul

Title: Romancing the Soul

Theme: Relationships (soul mates)

Are you the publisher, author or a reviewer? Author

What makes this anthology unique?

Romancing the Soul is unique in that although it's a collection of true soul mates storjavascript:void(0)
Publish Posties, they have all been divided into three categories - karmic soul mates, companion soul mates and twin souls - so that the reader can identify them better and relate to them in conjunction with their own lives. By understanding what kind of soul mate your significant other is, it helps you to understand why they came into your life. At the beginning of the book, I explain what the three soul mate categories are so that you will have a better understanding of each one before you start reading the stories. I've had people read the book and say, "Oh my God, THAT'S what so-and-so came into my life for." The thing is, everyone comes into your life for certain purposes to help you find your inner self, but it's the special ones that come with messages to further your progress. Once you understand this, your life will be happier and will move along down that right path on the way to higher self.

Blurb about the book, short story, or the whole review:

Do soul mates exist? You can find the answer to this perplexing and old-age question in the anthology, Romancing the Soul--True Stories of Soul Mates Around the World and Beyond published by Zumaya Publications. Sixty authors with as many tales and verse prove that soul mates do exist by relating their true experiences in the hopes you will achieve a better understanding of what the soul mate experience is all about.

What other books have you written?

I have co-authored a paranormal romance titled THE SEARCH FOR THE MILLION $$$ GHOST and have written several promotional ebooks for authors. My new self-help book on soul mates will be out by Zumaya Publications sometime next year.

Where can we buy it?

You can buy ROMANCING THE SOUL at Amazon by visiting

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You can visit my publicity firm at and click on the "about us" link in the right hand sidebar.

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