Tuesday, July 31, 2007

History Is Dead

Posted by: Author Paula R. Stiles

Theme: Zombie/Historical

Are you the publisher, author or a reviewer? Author

What makes this anthology unique? It's a horror anthology of zombie
stories--all set before the 20th century. The earliest is set about one
million years ago, the latest on New Year's Eve 1900.

Blurb about the book: My short story for
the anthology, "The Gingerbread Man", is set in Neolithic Britain. It's
about a bog body sacrifice who won't stay dead.

What other books have you written? I've cowritten a mystery/SF novel called
"Fraterfamilias" with Judith Doloughan under the pseudonym "Peter Ferrer" at
Virtual Tales. I've also sold seven SF or Fantasy stories.

Where can we buy it? "History Is Dead" will be available at Permuted Press
in December 2007. http://permutedpress.com/

Do you have a website where we can learn more about you? Yes:

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