Friday, July 4, 2008

The Phantom Queen Awakes

A Dark Celtic Anthology

Edited by Mark S. Deniz & Amanda Pillar

It may come as little surprise to the friends of Morrígan Books that Mark S. Deniz has decided to dedicate an anthology to the publishing company’s patron goddess, the Morrígan. The collection will be edited by Mark, with in-house editor, Amanda Pillar as co-editor.

To date, Elaine Cunningham and Katherine Kerr have agreed to write for the anthology.

The Morrígan is commonly portrayed as a triple goddess, but her tripartite nature is uncertain at best. This ambiguity shall be at the heart of The Phantom Queen Awakes.

Please follow the link for some background on the Morrígan.

The Phantom Queen Awakes, will focus on Morrígan’s tripartite nature. We want stories set in the ancient world of the Celts (see for some information), that talk of Morrígan. She does not have to be a central figure (although she must appear at least once in the tale), however we would prefer it if she was.

Mark and Amanda are looking for stories that push the boundaries, for tales that resound with the reader long after they’ve been put down. Supernatural creatures are allowed, although they must be in tune with Celtic mythology. We do not want gratuitous violence or sex scenes. The editors would prefer stories of a darker nature, and are much more likely to take well written stories with this in mind.


Word Count: 50 to 6,000 (the lower word count being reserved for excellent flash fiction and poetry).

Payment: $.01 per word for original stories, no reprints

Deadline: 1st December 2008 - we are implementing a new submission selection for the anthology but will let all authors know as soon as possible after the deadline day as to the decision regarding their story.

Submission Format: Please write the title, your name, your address, email, contact numbers and the word count at the top of the manuscript submission. Please include the page number in the footer.

Manuscripts should be in either the Courier New or Times New Roman font. Please make sure your manuscript is double-spaced.

We will only accept manuscripts electronically and they must be in .rtf (rich text format).

Submissions: Send submissions as attachments to:

Please note: submissions open 1st August 2008 (please do not send your stories before this date).


Mark Deniz said...

I just wanted to say thank you very much for posting this here for us, very much appreciated!

Donna Sundblad said...

Your welcome mark, if you have any news or reviews relating to Phantom Queen let me know as they can be posted here too!