Monday, July 28, 2008

Gemini Novella Series Guidelines

Simian Publishing feels that the novella is almost a lost art. Novellas are too long for most anthologies and most magazines don't publish them anymore.

The Gemini series will feature two novellas each volume. Novellas will cover the wide range of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Both stories will cover the same topic or theme, but from a unique perspective. Each story will mirror the other.

This is an open ended series without a set publication schedule. Why? Well, odds are that two writers aren't going to submit two novellas on the same theme at the exact same time. If your novella is accepted, it might be a while before publication until we find the perfect twin. Once a novella is accepted, we will post the theme here so that we can find that perfect twin that much faster.

Word Count: 20k to 45k

Payment: $50 flat payment for new stories, No Reprints

Submission Format: Please see the general guidelines below.

Submissions: Send submissions as attachments to

Update: We have placed our first hold on a novella! Now we're looking for a second dragon themed novella to pair it with. If you are submitting a dragon theme, please make sure you mention it in your cover letter.

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