Monday, June 9, 2008

Rage of the Behemoth

The RotB Heroic Adventure Anthology will contain 21 stories about the biggest, baddest, boldest behemoths ever to roar across the pages of heroic adventure! 100,000+ words of monstrous mayhem record the ferocious battles that rage between gargantuan creatures of myth and legend and the warriors and wizards who wage war against, beside, and astride them. Behemoths and battles will be presented in four-story sections of five different habitats introduced by the stunning pen of Johnney Perkins: Frozen Wastes, Scalding Sands, Depthless Seas, Mysterious Jungles, and Ageless Mountains.

Behemoth and terrain must be featured in the story. The behemoth must play an integral role in the story – all else regarding the creatures is free reign. They can be good, bad, indifferent, the protagonist, the antagonist, sidekick, human, animal, golem – whatever falls within the FSP genres.

Word Count: 3,000 – 7,000 . . . . Payment: 1¢ per word (following acceptance)

Please submit your story attached as an .RTF file via email to Please use the subject line to reflect the habitat and title of your story as in the following: Submission: RotB – Desert – Swan in Heat (For snail mail instructions, please read the FSP Submissions policies).

Open Submissions begins 1 June 2008
Target Submissions close 1 January 2009*
Target Publication 1 June 2009*

*Be advised that every section will have a different creature in each story - so no repeats of behemoths within each habitat. This means that submissions can only close and publication work begin once there is a different behemoth in every terrain and all terrains are filled. The anthology will remain open until such time. Keep track of available story slots here on the FSP RotB site, where a list of up-to-date story acceptances in each terrain will be maintained.

If you're a writer, limber up those fingers and send those earth-shattering, jaw-dropping, neck-craning, fear-inducing critter-tales to FSP now! If you're a reader, prepare to tremble in your easy chairs and thank your gods that the raging wars between man and beast are but words soon-to-be-held between your sweaty palms!

For more information check Flashing Swords Press.

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