Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Surrealism Anthology

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - New Surreal Anthology

Submitted by: DANNY GONZALES

I am putting together an anthology of horror called "The Ultimate Surreal". I have been published in Rare, an anthology of horror, on gothic.net as well as many other anthologies. I am looking for surreal horror fiction grounded in reality which ever so softly slips into the surreal. I don’t want splatterpunk, over the top grossout horror. I am looking for more psychologically surreal stuff, it can have alien fetuses in it as long as those alien fetuses are integral to the plot.

Think of David Cronenberg meets David Lynch with a dab of Tim Burton. I am looking for artists, fiction writers and perhaps even poetry if it is truly surreal. I like ambiguity, where the reader can be left to determine if the narrator was insane or not and I am a big fan of everyday horror, the way a simple day at the office can turn freaky scary. Psychological horror is preferred over gory horror, cussing and sex is okay as long as it has a point. 500-1500 words. Deadline is: Oct 31st, 2009 but if you want to send something over to let me know you are
interested early like a rough draft I would be happy to look it over and let you know if it is what I am looking for.

You can submit it to me at dangrn77@hotmail.com: put Surrealism Anthology in the subject posting. It can have a horror context or sci-fi or even dark fantasy as long as it operates on the same level of the surrealist's manifesto which is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surrealist_Manifesto "two distant realities brought together to create a new, uncanny union" Consider the weird vibe of the film “Eraserhead” which gives us ordinary circumstances, a seemingly familiar world then slowly begins to tear away every thread of sanity we have and exposes the grim horror within. Show me your inner surrealist!

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