Sunday, November 2, 2008

Silly Western Antho ~ Call for Submissions

Cyberaliens Press
An Open Call for Submissions


Howdy Pardners!

Mosey on up ta the bar and let me tell ya about the darnedest, silliest, most outrageous Western anthology this side of the Mississip'.

Y'all heard right! CyberAliens Press'll be spittin' out another one o' them themed anthos on May 1, 2009.

We'll be featuring hilarious stories of the Wild West, some sappy Prairie Romance, and even a little bit o' SteamPunk - as long as it's knock-us-on-our-butt funny! We're also lookin' fer cowboy poetry and limericks, art and comics, and anything else that's sure-as-shootin' silly.

So saddle yer ponies, get them doggies ta market then set yerself down and write us the silliest bunch a words what never come outta that pencil a yers.

In plain language:
We are looking for short stories from 500 to 3500 words in length, as well as poems, jokes, puns, limericks, artwork, and general silliness. All submissions must express one of the following themes:
+ American Wild West
+ Steampunk
+ Prairie Romance
or some mixture of the above.

Submissions open November 1, 2008 an' close on February 28, 2009. Acceptances and declines will be ongoing through the submission period. No late submissions will be accepted. Put "SUBMISSION: [TITLE]" in the subject line, and address all correspondence to The Editors (there's two of us) and email them to: sillywestern @ - ¿Comprende? Now saddle up and write.


Silly said...

Thanks for mentioning the Silly Western Antho. Great announcement blog you have here. Best wishes, Lyn

Donna Sundblad said...

Thanks Lyn,

Anytime you have a call out for short stories for an anthology let me know, and I'll pass it on.