Saturday, August 20, 2011



Midwest Stories Submissions are now open for the upcoming 2012 anthology, tentatively titled Sowing Wild Oats. Word count 500 – 1600. Deadline: March 2012.

This is a small publishing company, so compensation at this time is minimal ($10-20 per essay) for the anthologies. However, if your story is chosen for publication you will also receive a short author bio to be included at the end of your story, as well as one free copy of the book. Authors may also purchase as many copies of the book in which their work is published at wholesale price, which is generally 40% off the retail price. And you'll have the publishing credit, of course, for your writing résumé!

Other Submissions Accepted:
Fiction or nonfiction. Adult stories and children's stories, as well as children's picture books.

Send submissions with SASE to:

Jean Tennant
Shapato Publishing
PO Box 476
Everly, IA 51338

For more information, visit their website.

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