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Bad-Ass Faeries 4

Bad-Ass Faeries 4 - It's Elemental

edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Lee C. Hillman, and Jeffrey Lyman

Submit To: Danielle Ackley-McPhail, greenfirephoenix (at) aol (dot) com

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Deadline: June 2011, Release Date: May 2012, Word Limit:3500-7000 words

Familiarity with the existing Bad-Ass Faeries titles is recommended if you have not submitted to us previously. They are your best guide to the types of stories we are looking for in this series. You can fine excepts at or you can find the complete books for sale in print or ebook via the publisher's website or on the major book-selling sites.Genre: Urban Fantasy

Premise: A collection of unconventional stories about bad-ass elemental faeries with a focus on urban fantasy. Faeries should interact with the human world in some capacity visualized as tough, and for this collection, in a logical profession that is linked to their element: truckers, deep-sea fishermen, cowboys, police, firemen, freedom fighters, crocodile wrestlers, paratrooper, sled-dog driver, etc. We are not really looking for specific known figures from faerie mythology so much as types of faeries from myth and legend with a very clearly defined affinity for one specific element. (Please see below for some recommendations, and also note the category for those already spoken for).

Earth Air Fire Water Spirit Taken

Book will have four (or five) sections, one for each element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, (Spirit). This means that competition will be fiercer because we will be accepting stories by section as well as by overall quality.

Submission Don’ts

1) Don’t call your faeries elementals, we want specific faeries from myth and legend that are affiliated to one of the elements. Please see below for some recommendations.

2) Don’t include faeries from all of the elements in your story…it will not improve your chances and it will limit us in our ability to select and place a story. Each story should have one primary element incorporated into the plot. Not saying you can’t mention the others or have them as secondary aspects of the story, but we don’t want a bunch of submissions that are Gang of Four style or this element against that element. We want bad-ass stories of elemental faeries using their unique natures to get the job done…whatever it is.

3) Please note that we are not looking for erotica, or extreme violence, language, or gore.

Submission Do’s

1) Use standard submission format: Double spaced, tab indent (NOT auto indent), double hyphen with no spaces before or after to indicate emdashes. Ellipses with no spaces before or after. Use the actual formats for bold, italics and underline. Formatting Guidelines.

2) Include COMPLETE contact information at the top of your submission. Snailmail and email address, including phone number.

3) Include a short author bio with your submission (do NOT use all caps or quotation marks to indicate titles, please make sure they are Title Case and in italics.)

4) Authors MUST submit a proposal before writing and submitting their stories. This is the only way we can avoid overlap among the submissions. The editors do not want to be put in a position of having to reject an otherwise exemplary story because it happens to have too many similarities to something we have already accepted.

5) Include an author’s note about the specific type of faerie you have selected for absolute clarity and to provide some background information to the editors about the particular myth dealing with that faerie. This is optional, but helpful. Anything that makes the editors’ jobs easier is a good thing.


Publisher: Mundania Press,

Collection will be published in print, ebook and possibly limited edition hardcover.

Contributors will receive one comp copy of the book and an equal share of the royalties, which are 20% for print and 50% for electronic.

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