Monday, December 7, 2009

Queer Light

Open call for submissions for *Queer Light* to be published by
QueeredFiction where genre is queered. Deadline is *31st January 2010*

Angels, fallen angels, nephilim (half human and half angel), and demons;
devas of light and darkness. An urban contemporary fantasy anthology
featuring queer angels of all shades and hues. As with our first anthology
in the *Queer Legends Series*, *Queer
*, we'll be looking for tales *set in an unnamed and location non-specific
city*, but this time involving queer angels, the good and the bad.

Your submission should be an *URBAN FANTASY* short story between 3,000 and
20,000 words. We are seeking fiction with positive images of queer
characters. We’re not looking for clichés. We do not want reprints. We are
seeking first world rights for this anthology which will be published as an
eBook and in Print format. Your submission should be via email to with Queer Light Anthology submission in the
subject line.
Complete guideline details available at: