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Learning Through History

Vol 7, Issue 4- Egypt's New Kingdom (1570–1070 BC)

The deadline for submissions for this issue is April 15, 2009. Below are a few of the topics that we are seeking submissions on:

Valley of the Kings
Ahmose I and Egypt's Expansion
Akhenaten, the Heretic Pharaoh
Boy King Tutankhamun
A Unusual Pharoah:Hatshepsut
The City of Thebes
Battle of Kadesh
Egyptian Deities
Ramses the Great
Tomb Robbing
New Kingdom Mummification
Farming in the Nile River Valley
Art During the Reign of Thutmose I
Amenhotep III's Stone Scarabs


$75 per article

This includes biographies and various other approaches to history, science, mathematics, geography and arts that pertain to the topic in each issue. We do NOT publish lesson plans.

We are looking for focused and exciting articles, rather than broad factual surveys (aka history textbook style) that will engage our young readers. They should be written at an appropriate grade-level given our readership - middle school through high school with reading level not to exceed the 9th grade if using Word.

Articles should be 1000-1400 words and include at least three meaningful discussion questions or activity suggestions that can be used with the article. See the Magazine Tour for good examples. Note: Discussion questions should not be counted in the word count.

References or sources of information must be included with submissions - please provide as a separate page of the manuscript. We use this for fact-checking sources. Sources for corresponding websites and public domain photos welcome.

Arts & Crafts Projects
$75 per project

Arts and crafts submissions should appeal to ages 10+ and tie into the historical topic or theme of each issue. Project plans must include clear, numbered directions and require inexpensive, easy-to-obtain materials. Two or more high-resolution digital photos (JPEG, Photoshop or Illustrator files - 300 dpi min.) of the project are required for acceptance.

The deadline for submissions for Vol 7, Issue 4 is 4/15/09


Submissions are via email; please send directly to:

Keep in mind the reading level of our audience. Readability should be between the 6th and 9th grade reading levels and no higher. Microsoft Word has a grammar check function that can give you readability statistics.

Please include the word "submission" in the email subject header. Please send as a Microsoft Word file. If you do not have Word, send us a plain text (.txt) file only - we can not read other word processing formats, such as Works - .wks files.

Please ensure that your name and the title of the work appear on all pages of the manuscript. Do not include any fancy formatting or embedded graphics in your file.

Include your name, regular-mail address where we can send payment and a copy of the magazine if your article is accepted, and a short 20-30-word bio written in the third person.

We will notify you of submission receipt within 2 weeks. Allow 4 weeks or more after issue closing date for notification of submission acceptance or decline. Queries on status prior to this time will not be answered.

We do not accept submissions from any third-parties or agencies, only original authors.

NOTE: We accept queries ONLY from established authors who have previously published works for younger audiences and can provide numerous, relevant examples. All queries must include details about your proposed article (i.e. topic, length, etc.) - an email stating that you'd like to write an article for us with no other information is NOT a query).

All others must submit completed works for consideration.


We buy ALL rights, both print and electronic, including copyright. If you are not comfortable with these terms, please do not send us submissions, as terms are not negotiable.


Payment is upon publication and is paid in U.S. funds via check. See above under the content areas for specific payment amounts. Contributors will also receive a free copy of the issue in which their work appears.

If we assign you work based upon a query or accept a manuscript that we end up not publishing, we will pay a kill fee of 50% of the agreed upon rate. Rights of works that are not used are retained by the writer.

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