Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All About Eve


Eve - the first woman - some call her Pandora. Both the Christian and ancient Greek myths make her the reason man was plagued with the ills of the world. Whether in convincing Adam to taste of the fruit of the forbidden tree of knowledge or in giving in to her curiosity and opening a forbidden box that contained all of the plagues.

Well, it’s time she had a chance to tell her story.

WolfSinger Publications is looking for stories about the first woman created by the gods. Be imaginative and draw on more than just the traditional Christian and Greek stories. Let her tell her side of the story - whether she was manipulated and tricked into her actions or whether she acted willfully and in full knowledge of what her actions might bring. Or maybe - just maybe she acted out of spite for some wrong done to her.

Tell us her side of things - make the reader look at the old myths and stories in a new light and also at the differences in the genders in a new way.

BTW: Don’t forget about Lilith either - in some stories she was Adam’s first wife, before Eve.

Stories should be 3000-5000 words long.
Payment will be $5.00 plus equal share of 50 percent of royalties

Please send your submission to editor@wolfsingerpubs.com as an .rtf attachment.
Put “Eve Submission: ‘Title - Last Name’” in the subject line.

Deadline is 31 August 2009 (planned for a November/December release)

Preferred genre is Fantasy, but most will be considered if the story works. Please no erotica.


swordfeather said...

I submitted for this more than a month ago, and I still haven't received any confirmation that they got it. I asked for an update, still no reply. maybe this is a fake

Cherie Reich said...

I submitted a story to them back at the end of May. Near the end of June, I received an email saying that my story is being held for consideration. I don't know why they didn't respond back to you, swordfeather. For now, I am waiting to hear back about my story one way or the other.

Holly said...

I sent in a story about a month ago and I havent heard back yet. What is the response time that I should look for?